How Momjerie Began

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 After having her 4th baby via C-Section in 2020 Jasmine Jenkins-Williams, like many mamas, found herself struggling with a myriad of challenges from postnatal health, breast-feeding challenges to self-image as well as a severely colicky newborn. In the hopes of the achieving some “ me time and a mommy pick me up” she headed for some new lingerie but as a breast feeding mama who had recently undergone a c-section she  was disappointed to find that the panties were too low cut and landed right on her incision and the beautiful lacy bras she desired would not easily allow access for her breastfeeding needs. After 2.5 hours of scouring the store searching for higher waisted briefs and the easiest attractive lace bra to fold down to quickly access her breast. She left the store, deciding that she would go home and make her own… She was no longer in need of “lingerie” she needed “Momjerie” and so it began.